The ThermoStack Heating System Is Modular And Modern

The ThermoStack Heating System Is Modular And Modern 9

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You may be forgiven the transgression of mistaking the ThermoStack Heating System as a set of swanky speakers. No, it hasn’t emerged from the supercilious stables of Bang & Olufsen and is a modern take on the archetypical heating system. Designed by Adriano Design and La Castellamonte and a winner 2013 ISH Design Plus Award at the ISH Frankfurt water and energy trade fair, the ThermoStack is cashing onto the current trend of decorative fireplaces.

As you can see from the design, the stove-centered heating system has a modular composition, which includes a central heat generating component attached to satellite heat distribution “stacks”.

Designed for the metropolitan living space, which is usually limited, the heating system is customizable according to shapes, colors, architecture and power.

“The optimization of the production processes, in addition to the technical excellence of this revolutionary heating system, makes this product environmentally friendly because it carefully combines all those ‘ingredients’ of quality, performance and lifetime of the object that are the basis of a true green economy.” says Adriano Design.