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An Open Shower with a Sculpturally Southwestern Twist

For some, a simple bathtub with a shower head is fine. For others, a bit of panache is in order to feel truly satisfied with a daily shower — a modern European design, perhaps, or an ancient Ofuro tub with an attachment or two for convenience’s sake.  Today, though, we’re focusing on the increasingly popular open shower concept, but with a boldly Southwestern and sculptural twist.  Displayed in a home recently for listed sale by Sotheby’s realty division, this gorgeous expanse (and expense!) of a bathroom stands in the Rancho Alegre in Santa Fe, New Mexico — a location accurately referenced through the sourcing of the space’s materials and the visual cues it gives off through its decor.  Beneath exposed log (not just wood, but entire, uncut log) ceilings, the shower — actually, a pair of them — shares the room with a Roman tub for a slightly more private bathing experience.  Also featuring a grand candelabra and a cascading water wall commissioned by one of the late homeowner’s favorite artists, the cavernous space carries a simultaneous blend of warmth and coolness.  Lest you worry about catching a draft while standing underneath the shower’s flow, fear not: the bathroom also hosts a fully functional wood-burning fireplace.  Not a bad way to wash away the day, really.


An Open Shower with a Sculpturally Southwestern Twist


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