The Attractive and Stowable Pet Fence from Orvis

Since Furniture Fashion has paid some attention to your cat furniture needs, we felt compelled to show some love for your dog as well. We realize the need for products that are functional and attractive, and the mahogany stain with brass hardware will not take away from your homes decor. Often dogs get into unsafe areas and need to be restrained, but most of the dog gates on the market are a basic eyesore. Here is a stowable and attractive dog gate available from Orvis that is good looking and functional. The solid pine cabinet attaches the pet fence to your wall through predrilled holes and conceals four 2′ panels creating a 6′ barrier. Two additional panels may be added covering a total of 9′. The price is reasonable at $198 for the 24″ and $279 for the 36″ height. Additional panels may be purchased $69 and $89.


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