Swing Plus Chaise Lounge from Bonaldo

This chaise lounge from Bonaldo combines the best elements of a chair into one streamlined design. This piece can be used as a rocking chair or as a normal place to sit. The human body often wants to sit still and relax and at other times gently sway in a restorative manner. I find the unique design of the Swing Plus by Jochem Hoffmann refreshing in that he is able to combine both elements into this dynamic chaise lounge. Typically, a chaise offers no movement possibilities at all whereas a recliner, or more conventional chair, often does. Imagine letting that nervous energy slip away after a difficult day of work, and later that weekend settling down for an afternoon nap. Italian furniture manufacturer Bonaldo offers the Swing Plus in fabric or leather models. The frame comes in chromium plated or painted steel accompanied by wooden armrests.

cool bonaldo italian chaise lounge.jpg