The Diamond and Velvet Modern Sofas from Sand & Birch

The design team of Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro form Sand & Birch, a complimentary combination of furniture and architecture that fits our idea of forward thinking. These two modern sofas are more visual than the common furniture we see in our daily reporting, but you never know what the future holds, Shown in mirrored aluminum with attached lamp, the “Diamond Sofa” features 160 Swarovsky crystals on the large strip that add to its lustrous appeal and is limited to a production of just 100. The similar yet slightly toned down “Velvet Sofa” shares the same spiral shape, but the wooden frame is upholstered in smooth luxurious velvet. The Velvet modern sofas also feature wider slats in the seating and back surface and also features loop arms.

diamond sofa sand & birch
velvet sofa modern furniture design