The Farm Table & Stool Come With a Bunch of Donkeys

They’re not real donkeys but wooden ones and they’re supposed to sustain the weight of a coffee table, or, why not, of an out-of-the-box office desk. The wooden donkeys will support your own weight too so you can combine these two different furniture pieces to create a Farm themed room. Designed by Thelermont Hupton, the Farm Table and the Farm Stool will certainly surprise your guests. The coffee table or home office will use two Farm trestles, as you can see in the images below, both inspired from farm donkeys while the Farm Stool will offer you a wooden donkey too although this one is meant to act as a seating solution.

The Farm Table and Stool 1.jpg
The Farm Table and Stool 2.jpg

The Farm Table and Stool 3.jpg
The Farm Table and Stool 4.jpg
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