Felt Chair: Another Marc Newson Classic

You may have seen my article on the Lockheed Lounge by designer Marc Newson and the astronomical price it fetched in an auction at Christies, $1.5 million to be exact. Well Marc’s other well know creation, the Felt Chair from Cappellini (1989) has been cemented as a modern day classic produced in a variety of materials for a most versatile seat. The production covers chairs made in leather, felt, and fiberglass in various colors with a single leg in polished aluminum. This modern chair can be used indoors or outdoors for the most stylish patio furniture on the block. Recently a leather prototype popped up for sale in Paris at a price of $870K infuriating Newson who explained “the Felt Chair is still in production at a modest $3684 from UnicaHome”. He further added ” I feel sorry for anyone who would pay that much for a prototype especially one that I never authorized.” 67x106xh.86 cm

Marc Newson Felt Chair Modern Furniture.jpg