The Future of Modern Furniture from Leolux

In 1934 Leolux hit the scene with intentions of being a traditional furniture manufacturer, and changed gears as the modern movement came into full swing in the 1950’s. Since that time the company has undergone some serious updating in their product line becoming a true force in European Modern furniture. In 2006 Leolux presented a new styling concept at Cologne and Milan that spoke “the language of the future”. Bold shapes and striking colors combined with accessible products will set the stage in which they move into the future.

When putting together the collection, Leolux works with an international selection of designers. Together they create furniture that meets the highest quality and comfort standards. The individual Leolux seating concepts that develop from this creative process offer numerous options enabling your personal home dream to be achieved, in upholstery, color and comfort options. The collection includes sofas, coffee tables, arm chairs, tables, and outdoor furniture just to name a few.

leolux contemporary furniture
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