The Laser Created Riddled Modern Cupboard from Horm of Italy

I am looking at design objects all the time so it can be hard to be surprised since so much design is interpretations of styles created in the past. The “Riddled Front Cupboard” from Horm of Italy caught my attention this morning. First off the visual appeal is amazing on this piece as I am drawn into the wood work of the modern cupboard. To create a surface in the walnut veneer as Horn has done, they used laser technology to cut into the wood to create the riddled surface. Some of the pictures show light coming from inside the cupboard which appears strange, but is due to the fact that there are lights inside which create a unique illuminated appeal. This piece only comes in walnut veneer, but is available in a white or black matt lacquered surface. I have included a pictured of their non-riddled version as a point of comparison. So, tell me which one you like, the riddled or non-riddled version. Measurements: 50 cm x 192 cm x 66.

horm of Italy modern sideboard
non riddled contemporary sideboard
modern technique furniture carving details
laser created riddled modern cupboard
laser cut furniture details
Italian Buffet Table