Modern Lounge Chair “Scandinavian Style” by Verikon

Verikon, a veteran of Scandinavian furniture produced and designed these two eye catching accent chairs in Denmark and revealed them in Cologne to an overwhelming response. Now the “Lobster” and “Shelly” are slated to debut at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, and I have a feeling the response will be the same. According to Verikon, “designers Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann, have worked with furniture inspired by the skeletons of the crayfish for quite a while. The fascination by the shell, which doubles as a skeleton and shield of these animals has resulted in the very sculptural and comfortable chairs with a so far unseen construction, which is very strong, like the skeleton of a lobster.” Inspiration and construction aside, the Lobster and Shelly show us the modern lounge chair like never before, in a really creative and understated design. H 95 cm Lobster 66 cm Shelly D 83 cm W 73 cm Seat Height 39 cm