The New Age of Folding Chairs

Folding chairs serve two purposes, a place to sit and the ability to save space. This is nothing new, in fact they were used in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Here are two new chairs that add one more purpose, good looks. The Pick Chair from Studio Dror finds a very out of the way storage spot right on your wall. As Dror puts it “the Pick Chair saves space, adds to the aesthetics of a home, and is sure to become a great conversation piece”. The wood back surface can be engraved to” intertwines the emotion of art with the single poetics of form following function.” That is a very smooth way of saying this chair is really cool and versatile. $1800 from StudioDror. The ISIS chair from designer Jake Phipps is the world’s thinnest folding chair at just 3 cm thick. The geometric panels easily fold flat within the frame to make a rectangular panel that can easily hide in a closet or under a bed. The ISIS chair is made from extremely durable laminated panels that flex for a comfortable and very slim modern look.



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