The Pentagon Modern Dining Table from Seltz

For the connoisseur who demands the finest furniture available, Seltz from France will certainly fulfill any expectations you may have. Seltz was established in the 1600’s and has remained a company dedicated to meticulous craftsmanship what ever the costs, always putting the product first. The Pentagon dining table and chair collection is one of my favorite pieces shown here in solid steamed beech. For me it is the smooth edges and fascinating structure of the legs that look as though they were twisted from straight pieces of wood. The collection includes a curved backless bench that conforms to the shape of the table, or a dining chair with contoured seat that is remarkably comfortable despite it’s all wood construction. The Pentagon also features an optional wooden lazy Susan, or glass insert allowing a good look at the base structure. Seltz has a full line of furniture including coffee tables, curio cabinets, and buffets just to name a few many of which feature beautiful Murano glass tops and accents.


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