The Perfect Bar Stool from Elite Modern

It seems that every time I go to a party or social event the crowd ends up in the kitchen. With so much focus being put on the kitchen and great room there has been a push for better and more comfortable furniture for these areas. One item that seems to be in demand but is one of the harder to find is the barstool. Of coarse you must consider looks verses comfort and bar verses counter height. Then there are the color that are available and the ability to adapt this item as your tastes change.
The stools that I have found to be the perfect addition as well as comfortable and attractive are produced right here in the good old USA by the Elite Manufacturing company out of California. The constantly growing line included many choices that are height adjustable for counter or bar height. This is important because within these categories the actual counter top height will vary several inches and Elite has the answer for every situation. Elite offers several metal, wood, and fabric options to really fine tune the stools to your décor. Also the fabrics on the seats can be reupholstered over the years to give a fresh new look as your tastes change.
One thing I find very impressive about this line is the construction. Elite makes a very durable item with a steel construction that will last and hold up to anything. I also like the swivel option for easy use and access. The company also makes several stools that are a more conventional type without the height adjustable or swivel feature if this is a better option in both bar and counter heights.
While you are choosing your bar stools, keep in mind how many you would like. To find out the right amount for your space, you should measure your table. Usually you want to have between 25 and 30 inches from the center of one seat to the other. To find this out, divide the length of your counter or table by 28″ and you’ll conveniently discover how many pieces are needed.