The Rustic Maru Dining Table from GreenTea Designs

If you are a lover of Asian inspired solid wood furniture, and a supporter of ecologically responsible manufacturing, then GreenTea Designs has a collection of furniture you must see. In addition to a great looking lineup, not a single tree is cut in the construction process which is centered on a commitment to the environment. The Large Maru rustic dining table top is made of traditional flooring taken from aging aristocratic homes in South Korea and coupled with the original supports as legs. Over the century of use, the 3″ thick Asian Pine boards develop a patina and a smooth feel that fresh cut wood will not have for many years if ever. Each dining table will have unique facets and characteristics specific to that particular piece. The Large Maru is one of GreenTea’s most popular styles and is available in a narrow and square size should space be an issue.
Large Maru Dining Table 40W X 30H X 5ft $2800, 6ft$3300, 7ft$3800

rustic dining tables.jpg