Add Life with Tapestries and Wall Sculptures

Add Life with Tapestries and Wall Sculptures 9

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Whether you are redecorating your home or furnishing a brand new home, you realize that this is a chance for you to really do something different with your decor. You should capitalize on this opportunity to recreate your interior design plan, because it is much easier to do all at once than piecemeal. You may think that paint and furniture are what matter the most when it comes to decoration. However, the most important aspect of affordable home decor is the decoration you apply to your walls. When a person enters a room, the first thing they look at are the walls. So, why not make a statement with woven wall art?

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One of the best parts of using Tapestries and Wall Sculptures as your wall decor is the sheer variety of designs available to you. Grand art wall tapestries come in many sizes and styles, so matching one to your existing decor is not difficult. There are many tapestries that come in series for a new and exciting look. Instead of hanging one large wall hanging, you can find sets of three or four tapestries. For example, designs by Mucha were created in the woven medium as sets, like the Art Nouveau Four Seasons wall tapestries. They look just as beautiful by themselves, but the entire series brings a certain continuity to your decor.
If you are not sure how to lay out and arrange tall and narrow tapestries, do not worry. There are several ways to hang your wall art decor, using only one rod. Perhaps you purchased two smaller tapestries, but only have one rod–do not run screaming to your interior designer–you can make this work. You can place two small narrow vertical tapestries, next to each other on a single tapestry rod, just remember to leave at least 3 to 6 inches in between them for the

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illusion of separation. Please note that this will only work for tall, narrow wall tapestries. Larger pieces hung in this style will look cramped and amateurish, so try your best to measure everything out correctly. With some know-how, you can make your home decor unique and artistic.
Perhaps you are just looking to bring some classic art works into your decor, but are looking for something more refined than paper prints. Woven wall decor, such as tapestries, make an enormous difference in your overall design plan. Tapestries bring texture to the party and you may be surprised by the difference some texture can make. Imagine if you had very smooth surfaces, say in your living room. Smooth floor, clean furniture lines, minimalist curtains–you need something with substance to make your room pop. If you can find an art tapestry that matches your decor, you can add an element of dimension that you just cannot achieve with paper prints. For example, you can find delightfully accurate reproductions of Claude Monet wall hangings in tapestry form that look so good they almost look alive. There are also many famous Van Gogh paintings recreated in tapestry form, such as Van Gogh self portrait wall tapestry. Not only will they look great in your home, but friends and family will wonder where you managed to find something so gorgeous.
Even if you are not looking for grand wall hangings, you can find innumerable styles to choose from. Depending on your decor, you might find that medieval wall tapestries work the best in your home design plan.
Written by Leigh Winslow