Innovation C Chair by Bla Station

It never ceases to amaze me how the most innovative designs can be so simple. The Innovation C by Swedish manufacturer Bla Station is really an impressive yet simple modern chair that is perfect for a laptop or a cup of coffee and a good book. Designer Fredrik Mattsson gave this little gem a stainless steel column, a swivel seat, and a selection of soothing colors that really compliment the eye catching style. A seemingly delicate shape is reinforced by a steel and wood inner frame rounded off with molded polyurethane foam covered with fabric. Accessories include a return swivel and small table that slips on to the top of the frame shown here. Bla Station has a progressive philosophy stating, “Life is all about the choices you make – about the difference between what you do and what you choose to leave undone. We have chosen to manufacture the kind of furniture we ourselves like”. This belief has resulted in a “fun” line of furniture including benches, tables, sofas, and easy chairs that are very appealing to the eye and functional at the same time.

laptop computer chair bla station

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