The Strobilus Lamp Looks Like a Pine Cone But Offers Precious Light

This particular lamp qualifies for the strangest design I have ever seen for a lamp, not that it’s necessarily an unpleasant display of skill and imagination. The lamp looks like a cone, but it’s far more useful than you’re regular pine cone. Designed by Jonathon Coles, the Strobilus lamp is supposed to be a highly recyclable and very efficient light source. In fact the Strobilus lamp is up to 95% recyclable, which is definitely a great feature for a lamp that you’re surely going to replace in a couple of years. The Strobilus is made by paper pulp apparently, and in case it sounds familiar, that’s because that kind of paper is usually found in packaging materials. Would you get a Strobilus for your living room or is it too weird for your taste?

Strobilus Lamp 1.jpg
Strobilus Lamp 2.jpg
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