The Ultimate Game Table Featuring 20-IN-1 Design

The 20-IN-1 Multiplay Games Table may be the coolest thing ever for those who love the manual version of gaming, the kind that existed before the digital age and the PlayStation took over. This sturdy game table holds all of the games inside the table while not in use. Includes all accessories & instructions to play Table Football, Backgammon, Magnetic Darts, Dominoes, Pool, Shuffleboard, Knock, Hockey, Ring Toss, Glide Hockey, Skittles, Horseshoe, Magnetic American Football, Chess, Playing Cards, Pickup Sticks, Marbles, Checkers, Table Tennis, Poker, Dice, and Tic-Tac-Toe £259.98 Width: 62cm Height: 82cm Weight: 33kg

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