The Ultimate Kitchen by Scavolini

We all know the favorite room in most homes is the kitchen, so here are the most awesome designs I have seen yet. Scavolini makes the ordinary into extraordinary from innovative kitchen cabinets to islands and even furniture. Scavolini’s new Flux kitchen combines stunning design while focusing on the most daily used items and concentrating them is a functional round island for easy access. The sinuous, ergonomic lines of base and wall units make it easy to organize storage space effectively. The base units have roomy pull-out big baskets, while the flap doors of the wall units mean more space inside. The main goal of their designers is to create a sophisticated modern kitchen representative of our age in both content and performance. When your next party radiates to the kitchen, wow them with the ultimate!

Flux Kitchens by Scavolini

Flux Kitchen by Scavolini