The Sok Overflow Tub from Kohler

The Sok Overflow Tub from Kohler 9

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I know most of our articles are on furniture but once in a while I have to throw in some accessories and other acoutrements. Here is a really great bath tub from Kohler that will surely make the relaxing times more enjoyable. The extra deep Sok Overflow Tub allows you to fully submerge as the rhythm of the flowing water creates a nice smooth tranquil sound. A push of a button controls the millions of tiny bubbles that cling to your body and add a soothing feel. The water that continuously flows over all side is captured in the built in channel and recirculated into the bath. There are several faucet options from a wall mount to a ceiling version that drops the water from above for a very unique addition.

Sok Tub by Kohler