The VorteXX LED Chandelier from Zumtobel

We continue to see designers of LED lighting taking advantage of the endless possibilities thanks to their small and versatile nature. The VorteXX LED Chandelier in an ultra modern light fixture from Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher for the Zumtobel Masterpiece Collection use reinforced fiberglass and translucent acrylic to house the 190 LED’s that wind their way into a stunning light fixture. Special technology allows for color mixing of Red, Blue, and Green with a separate touch panel. This super cool styling and coloration are true trademarks from designer Hadid who is well know for stretching the boundaries of the norm and creating a special style that is undeniable. If you like this style you may want to see the other Modern Chandeliers we found in a recent post that will be sure to add some pizzazz to any room in need of some additional light

modern lamps and lighting vortexx chandelier
ultra modern lighting vortexx chandelier
modern chandelier with purple led lights
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