Then Meets Now: 8 Striking White Leather Bar Stools

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The Oxygen Bar Stool

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There’s nothing like leaning back into a plush — or stark — white leather bar stool as the first sip of an ice cold martini glides over the tongue, instantly marrying the moment to a counterpart from its past some 50 years ago, when skinny ties were all the rage and the Rat Pack swilled its way around Vegas and into living rooms across the land via tiny television sets, calling everyone “baby.”  This roundup of minimalist yet comfortable bar stools harkens back to the swinging ’60s while maintaining utterly modern lines and an undying air of cool.


simple white barstool
The Oxygen Bar Stool




white leather bar stool
Marshmallow White Leather Stool from Zuniga Interiors


mod white leather bar stool
Mod White Leather Bar Stool



black and white leather bar stool
White Leather Keyhole Barstool from Mendoza



retro white leather bar stool
The Serafina Leather Barstool



black and white bar stool
The Paxton Leather Barstool by Sunpan Modern Home



white bar stool
The Freddy White Adjustable Bar Stool



minimalist white bar stool
The Genoa White Leather Bar Stool