These 6 Modern Massage Recliners Take the Stress Away

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The ZG570 Zero Gravity Massage Chair from Inner Balance

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Ask any expert to list the benefits of massage therapy, and you’ve got quite a lengthy conversation on your hands.  For those of us who don’t have the time to schedule appointments at the spa, there’s a singular solution much closer to home.  Today’s roundup of modern massage recliners presents a half-dozen self-contained relaxation stations where you can work, read, watch television and/or hold full-fledged conversations, all the while enjoying the sensation of having your stress kneaded away.  While each has the appearance of soft, supple leather upholstery, a few offer animal-friendly coverings for those who prefer alternative upholstery options.  Either way, the massage capabilities (and, in one case, heat therapy) offered in this collection are enough to lower blood pressure, ease joint pain and put us all in a better frame of mind altogether… bathrobe and cucumber water optional.

These 6 Modern Massage Recliners Take the Stress Away



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Inner Balance chair found at Wayfair.