Things of Beauty: 10 Unique & Accessible Pieces of Wall Art

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Painted Book Pages by Jess Purser for Castle on the Hill

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Art, like furniture, is a purely subjective thing; if it brings joy to its beholder, then it’s a thing of beauty, plain and simple.  With the abundance of access to independent artists via Etsy and other online marketplaces, not to mention the proliferation of temporary wall art for apartment-dwellers through the medium of vinyl stickers, the options for personalization (not to mention do-it-yourself projects) are endless.  Today’s roundup features a widely varied sampling of what’s available with the click of a mouse to make a house a home, and an artful one at that.

unique wall art
Painted Book Pages by Jess Purser for Castle on the Hill



3D butterfly wall art
3D Butterflies from Simply Nesting



3D wall panels
3D Ellipses Decorative Wall Panels Made of Sugarcane Fibers via Hayneedle



lady and the tramp art poster
Alternative Disney Poster Prints by Re:Design



DIY quatrefoil wall art
DIY Quatrefoil Wall Art Tutorials at All Things Thrifty



polaroid wall art
Retro Red Polaroid Swinger Wall Art from Blue Order



motto wall decal
Seven-Foot Removable Motto Mural from Fresh Print Design



abstract copper wall art
Teal Paint on Weathered Copper by Johnnie Belinda of Molten Art Studio



vinyl polka dot wall art
Vinyl Wall Dots from Easy Decals



one of a kind watercolor wall art
Watercolor Portrait by Samantha Hahn of


Painted book page found at Castle on the Hill.