Thoughtwood Coffee Table Brings Some Color to Your Life

The Thoughtwood Coffee Table in the images below is a custom-made piece of furniture conceived especially for “a client’s contemporary residence located in a busy city centre.” The Thoughtwood Coffee Table is made of three pieces of solid black walnut wood specially cut and assembled in order to offer this specific modern design. The contrast between the grain figuration and the blue shade offers an impressive effect, but make sure you don’t drop stuff inside those openings of the Thoughtwood Table as it would pretty annoying to get everything out. In case you’re interested in ordering yourself a similar coffee table then make sure you have £990 to spare and follow the link below.

Thoughtwood Table 1.jpg
Thoughtwood Table 2.jpg

Thoughtwood Coffee Table 3.jpg
Thoughtwood Coffee Table 4.jpg
Thoughtwood Coffee Table 5.jpg
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