Three Brilliant Pieces of Convertible Furniture

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Oturakast Cabinet Drawers + Stools by Rhianne Koens

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There’s just something to be said about the art of multitasking. It’s often hard enough for us human beings to master, so when an inanimate object manages to accomplish multiple objectives at once, it’s worth noting; to wit, today’s roundup of convertible furniture showcases three highly inventive pieces that do more than just one job apiece.  Let it be said that European designers are no slouch in the “re-re-repurposing” department; specifically, today’s collection comes to us courtesy of Turkey, France and Italy.  First up is the Oturakast, which at first glance looks like a quirky cabinet comprised of luggage-inspired pastel capsules, but it’s much more than a storage stack; each cabinet is a freestanding stool with its own set of legs. Its designer, Rianne Koens, was inspired by her hospitable Turkish in-laws to devise a creative seating solution for occasions when a home (particularly a small one) is flooded with guests in need of a place to sit. Next, we have The Kube from Ego Paris, which altogether comprises a gorgeous chaise lounge but also pops apart rather easily into a coffee table and a pouf. Finally, there’s The Convertible Sofa from Italian design house Campeggi, which converts into no fewer than seven configurations, ranging from a set of easy chairs or a full couch to a bed or even a pop-up room for a private wardrobe change.  Clearly, wonders never cease, and neither does the creativity of these three clever designers.

modern danish furniture designers
Oturakast Cabinet Drawers + Stools by Rianne Koens



bright tropical outdoor furniture
The Kube Chaise Lounge + Pouf + Coffee Table from Ego Paris



convertible sofa
The Convertible Sofa by Campeggi


Oturakast cabinet & stools found at Rianne Koens’ website.