Round Time Wall Clock by RND Lab

Tick Tock: 10 Cool Modern Wall Clocks

Cool Modern Wall Clocks

Cool Modern Wall Clocks. Like sands through the hourglass, we all know time isn’t slowing down for anyone.  Watching it pass us by is slightly more aesthetically pleasing than usual, though, when you consider today’s roundup of modern clocks, most of which take a rather grand departure from the traditional round clock face with equidistant numbers signifying the hours of the day.

While two Etsy shops — Bonni1982 and Deco Lab — only lightly update the classic cuckoo clock with their quirky designs, RND lab deconstructs the norm completely and lets itself explode across the wall in a haphazard, yet still geometrically satisfying fashion.

These are the days of our lives, and if these chic works of art are any indication, time sure flies when we’re having fun.


Tick Tock: 10 Cool Modern Wall Clocks



deconstructed clock



nerd clock



squirrel clock



unusual black and white clock



midcentury modern ball clock


modern handmade cuckoo clocks



visible gear clock



pong clock


Round Time wall clock found at Momento Italia.



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