Traditional Furniture Collections by Thomasville

The Hills of Tuscany offers a comfortable, welcoming approach to luxurious style. Here, the richness of Italian culture meets the natural majesty and relaxed character of Big Sur. Richly finished furnishings for bedroom, dining and living include a carefully edited mix of classic motifs, graceful lines and captivating textures. Upscale, but never pretentious.

Traditional Dining Furniture Thomasville Hills Of Tuscany

Today’s fresh take on luxury living seamlessly blends the richness of the past with the relaxed sophistication and adventurous attitude of the present. It’s not about provenance and perfect pitch, but about the life facilitated by the home you shape; an environment defined not by location, but by state of mind. Begin with a carefully edited mix of classic motifs, graceful lines, captivating inlays, and rich textures. The Hills of Tuscany – a comfortable, welcoming approach to luxurious style, a reassuring springboard to living life to its fullest.

Inspired by its namesake, The Ernest Hemingway® Collection from Thomasville ® marries romantic notions, simple forms, and exotic details in an expansive home furnishings collection that honors the many faces of the Nobel Prize-winning authour’s legendary life. Bold.
A talented writer with a thirst for adventure, author Ernest Hemingway reveled in both the simplicities and extremes of life. Inspired by its namesake, the Ernest Hemingway® Collection from Thomasville® marries the romantic notions, classic silhouettes and exotic details of a well-traveled life. Furniture for your home with stories to tell.