Transform your Living Room: Boboli Console by Besana

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When is the last time your furniture became the focal point of the room?

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If your living room has a plain look, tie the room together with the Boboli console by Besana. A true work of art, it is a must-have for all modern homes. The multi-functional piece of furniture can be used as a decorative element and a storage place for small items. If you have a habit of forgetting where you put your car keys, door keys, nail cutter, or phone charger, store them all in the Boboli console and make that a thing of the past. Thanks to its small size, it is ideal for large spaces as well as small spaces.


Boboli Console by Besana

Transform your Living Room


While incorporating modern devices into your home can be hard, the Boboli Console by Besana helps you to do it in style. Your essentials will have a lovely place to call home and you’ll rest assured knowing they’re safe. The console comes in a range of colors including red, silver and gold. The vibrant hues make it a focal design point in many homes.


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Choose a color that matches the theme of your home and create a style that lasts. The Boboli console will make a lovely addition to your hallway or living room corner. It also makes a great complement to your living room’s sofa. It has several drawers where you can store items separately. This console will enhance the appearance of your interiors and offer additional storage space. It will keep all your daily essentials handy so you don’t have to run late as you look for items in the morning. If you had to choose, which color would you pick for the Boboli console?