Travel Alarm Clocks from Tiffany & Co.

Few material things are as classic as those that come from Tiffany & Co.  For the discerning traveler who would rather rely on a classic timepiece than a hotel clerk or alarm clock to start the day on schedule, there’s a vast series of alarm clocks from the jeweler and lifestyle brand memorialized in the Audrey Hepburn classic. Incidentally, it’s not possible to eat breakfast at Tiffany; the title referred to a Danish the leading lady nibbled while gazing through a Tiffany & Co. window from the sidewalk outside. In any event, the Swiss-made, 1.5” tall Atlas Travel Alarm Clock ($450) is named after the Atlas clock that has marked the entrance to the iconic brand’s flagship store since the mid-1800s, and it boasts a rhodium clock with quartz movement and a Tiffany Blue® or black slide leather cover.  The more simply named Travel Clock ($425) is a small nickel clock with a Tiffany Blue® and brown leather cover.  Let’s be honest though; half the thrill of shopping at the famed department store is walking out with the little blue box tied up in white ribbon, available by request.




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