Tressee Gen-X Walk-in Bathtub For Small Spaces

Not all of us have the good fortune to live in sprawling bungalows or spacious apartments. But that doesn’t necessary mean we can’t enjoy a soothing bathing experience. Check out the Gen-X Walk-in Bathtub by Tressee which tackles the issue of space beautifully and is very relevant in today’s design context. The compact bath tub with its discrete design won’t hog up much space in the bathroom and will provide its user a haven from the drudgery of live. It may be small in design but it’s big on features since it includes a hydromassager, a blower, color therapy, heater, lighting system, radio, and drain with tub refill.

Gen-X Walk-in Bathtub
Tressee Gen-X Walk-in Bathtub For Small Spaces
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