Two Is Better Than One: 10 Cool Kids’ Bunk Beds

Few things are sweeter than memories of nights spent away from home at summer camp, or at friends’ houses where we got to sleep in the extra bunk.  There was a sense of adventure inherent to falling asleep so high off the floor, drifting off in the midst of a conversation with a friend we could hear but not see.  The top bunk was always the preferable of the two, even though it required a bit of dexterity to navigate one’s way in and out of it in the dark for a middle-of-the-night glass of water or trip to the bathroom.  And bunk beds still stand strong today, carrying on with the sleepover tradition in various styles — some classic, some whimsical, with one or two over-the-top accessories (see: sliding board) we would’ve flipped over back when we were small enough to fit.  With kids’ beds like these, “lights out” is actually something to look forward to.

bunk beds

The Bunky by Marc Newson for Magis



bunk bed

Art Deco Bunk Bed from Foshan Saint Furniture Co



yellow bunk bed

Benedetta Bunk Bed via Spacify



rustic white bunk bed

Cape Cod White Bunk Bed by Powell



modern white bunk bed

Custom Bunk Beds via Get Decorating



twin over full bunk bed

Honey Twin Over Full Bunk Bed from Brown Squirrel Furniture



pink bunk bed

Pink Boardwalk Bunk Bed via Top Furnish



bunk bed with slide

Play Bunk Bed with Slide from Woodland



cherry wood bunk bed

Twin over Twin Dark Cherry Bunk Bed via Kids Only Furniture



orange bunk bed

Uffizi Bunk Bed by Argington


Honey Twin Over Full bed found at Brown Squirrel Furniture.