TwoSpace Bathtub For Two Eclipses All Other Bathtubs

We usually go for taking a shower instead of a nice long bath but maybe we just happen to be using the wrong bathtub. Take this Two Space hi-tech bathtub here, which has been designed, for two people. The bathtub is shaped to match the natural curves of the human body and comes with a whirlpool system that will certainly be appreciated by your every bone and muscle. The TwoSpace takes hydromassage to the next level and you and your loved one will definitely enjoy this spa solution especially created for your home. In fact taking baths alone will also be a lot more interesting once you install the TwoSpace bathtub in your bathroom as now shower design will be able to offer the same comforting massages on a regular basis.

TwoSpace Bathtub 1.jpg
TwoSpace Bathtub 2.jpg

TwoSpace Bathtub 3.jpg