Nordic Inspiration: Ull&Eik Dining Sofa Collection from Thorsonn

Ull&Eik Dining Sofa

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Thorsonn introduces the Ull&Eik dining sofa collection, a cozy and contemporary space to eat, talk, read or just relax. The Ull&Eik dining sofa is a smart comfortable piece of furniture that can be the perfect accessory for homes where a lot of storage is needed.
Thorsonn is a company created as a collaboration between a husband and wife team, Halvor Thorsen and Jennifer Valone Thorsen, based in Oslo Norway.


Norwegian furniture design

The addition of a beautiful dining sofa will surely lend a casual and stylish look to the area where it will be placed. You’re probably thinking that only dining chairs are used to complement dining tables, but after seeing Ull&Eik sofas, you better think again. The Nordic inspiration and elegance of the comfortable and smooth sofa/bench, the soft and precise seams, the fabrics with their fine texture and the oak drawers are able to give to each surrounding ambiance the charm of an out of time lounge.


Ull&Eik Dining Sofa

The compact dimensions mean that the Ull&Eik dining sofa is a useful piece of furniture that can be used in the dining room but also perfect for small living rooms.
Ull & Eik, which in English means ‘Wool and Oak’, is a combined sofa and cabinetry system with numerous functional internal layouts for the storage of clothing, shoes, bags, umbrellas, sports equipment or keys.


Thorsonn sofa bench

The collection is characterized by a design of pure lines and refined details that create original and elegant interiors with large possibility to combine with other various elements within a smaller space according to individual choices.
A storage sofa system designed to transform your house, without the house noticing. The sofas are designed and made in Norway.  The drawer fronts, shelves and tables are made of solid oak that is available in oiled or stained finish, while the seat is filled with a special sandwich of foams and covered with a wool blend from Gudbrandstalens, another Norwegian company.

Ull&Eik sofa design