The Ultimate Culinary Experience: Set Kitchen by Dada

Italian designer, Rodolfo Dordoni’ s, Kitchen system, by the name of `Set’, launched in the year 2011, provides a refreshing new outlook towards the existing mundane cooking area designs. This refreshing new piece has been manufactured by Dada, an acclaimed name in the Italian furnishing industry offering a range of products across the globe.


modern kitchen design by Rodolfo Dordoni

modern design by Rodolfo Dordoni


Drawing a parallel between a workshop and a cuisine, Dordoni has designed the Set Kitchen by Dada, ensuring that the entire amenities are within hands reach. The shelves in this unique furniture system are open, inspired by the open bookshelves and the cabinets along with the other components, stand adorned in chic glass fronts, wooden panels and natural materials. With the ability to develop it vertically, enabling the use of the available height, the Set Kitchen comes across as a versatile design product, epitomizing adaptability. Spaces are defined employing vertical partitions, enveloping aluminum frames, which are further attached with boiserie panels and ventilation components.


dada cuisine sink design



The vertical partitions also envelope the entire electrical wiring and extractor pipes, allowing complete design freedom and maximum functionality. So, whilst the visible components are drenched in an aesthetic beauty, the technical components, working efficiently to make this system a success, are neatly tucked away, invisible to the user of the Set . Dordoni’s Set Kitchen system, for Dada, is very functional, technically advanced and furnishes great user comfort resulting in a new-age, high-tech cuisine that is captivating and elegant.

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