Unique House Plans with Sloped Ceilings

When it comes to home design it is difficult to “think outside the box”. Let’s face it. The world is full of cliches. We hear that at work every day, at home, and amongst friends. So how do we really create something different? The first thing is to forget what we know now and start completely over. That is what I think of when I saw these unique house plans from Antonino Cardillo. This house impresses me since it defies commonly accepting building techniques. First off, any time that you move away from 90 degree angles, it becomes much more difficult to build without defect. Also, the distribution of weight in a home is much easier achieved through traditional construction methods. The home featured here is near Barcelona, Spain. As you look at the pictures you can see the incredible views of the home interior created by the sloped ceilings and the general curvature of the architecture.

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