Unusual Home Audio Experience With Casey Lin’s ‘Timbre Speaker’

As a self-confessed music aficionado, it is impossible not to covet Casey Lin’s ‘Timbre Speaker’. Promising an unadulterated home audio experience, the audio system contravenes sound and design conventions. We just don’t like it for its artistic experimentation, but also for the interactive listening experience it promises.


Sure it may not have the charm or the warmth of a vinyl player, but in this digital day and age, the Timbre Speaker is more practical and the Black American Walnut wood will be appreciated by old schoolers. When it comes to the core design, all superfluous details are done away with and it is only about performance.


As with any self-respecting home audio device wood and glass became the material of choice to deliver unparalleled acoustics. The included wooden box moonlights as a standalone speaker and an enclosure for a pair of surface transducers, which transmit vibrations across its surface. For that truly sweet home audio experience, one can manipulate the sound quality by moving physical objects on the surface of the transductive receiver.


“The glass vessels act as physical equalizers, where the vibrations transfer through the wood into the glass and changes the timbre of the sound… [such that] vessels of other material, size or shape can be placed on the speaker to change the sound according to the users’ taste.”

Timbre Speaker - Home Audio


Casey Lin's 'Timbre Speaker'


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