Unusual and Innovative Latest Sofa Designs Pictures

Latest Sofa Designs Pictures

Unusual and Innovative Latest Sofa Designs Pictures 9

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Most Unusual Latest Sofa Designs Pictures

If you are one of those people for whom design and contemporary look is an absolute must, then you should take a look at our selection of unusual and innovative sofa ideas from some of the greatest furniture manufacturers.

A modern design will beat in creativity any classic design and its intended as an important furniture item for homes, offices, hotels and commercial lounges.

Nowadays, manufacturers are not only limited to wood, fabric or leather, therefore, modern creativity no longer has any barriers.

Other then sophisticated ideas, seating solutions are today merged with other household items adding also interesting features like mini refrigerators, music players or even TV’s, but will only stick to the design in this article and we promise to follow up with an article about these crazy features in the near future.



Latest Sofa Designs Pictures


First on our list is the Samuel Ben Shalom, resin two-seater. Named the Mad Cow, this is an innovative sofa idea considered part artwork, part design piece, part hallucination. If you have $12.000 to spend, this is a piece that you most certainly won’t purchase for its comfort, but purely for being a work of art.


Latest Sofa Designs Pictures. Contemporary green couch


Probably better for lounge areas and for the hospitality sector, then for a living room, Francesco Rota’s Plus design for Italian manufacturer Lapalma is another good example that seating solutions are not limited to what we grew up with.

Plus is a modular seating system that can be enlarged based on everyone’s needs by adding from a wide variety of components available.


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The third good example of a design where a certain type of madness is needed is La Cova. A relax area designed in 1972 by Italian designer Gianni Ruffi and manufactured in a limited edition by Gufram, is a work of art that represents the perfect place for relaxation, and a place where one can feel protected.

La Cova is a great example of how dreams can become reality, but the same is the other seating solutions pictured below.



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face to face sofa



gaetano pesce mountain shaped sofa


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Innovative Sofa Ideas


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