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The Dog Pod from Vurv Design Studio

Upgrade Your Pup: 6 Cool Dog Bed Designs

Dog Bed Designs

As much as we might love our furry, four-legged friends, we have to admit their furniture can be an eyesore — particularly to those of us with a penchant for a great design.

Today’s roundup of 6 cool dog bed designs, though, puts its paw down and classes things up with clean lines, neutral tones, quality materials and an utter absence of cliche.

In fact, these digs are so posh, one in particular (the SnoozeSleeper bed from DoggySnooze) includes memory foam to custom-fit your pup’s form.

Vurv Design Studio, the makers of the chic, curved wood Dog Pod, say it best: “This piece is more of a recliner than a pet bed… it’s like an Eames chair for your best friend.”  With creature comforts like these, dog day afternoons can be fantastic.


Upgrade Your Pup: 6 Cool Dog Bed Designs

modern designer dog bed


black and white dog bed



line art dog bed



eco-friendly dog bed


pet revolution dog beds


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