Sofa Perfection by Dellarobbia

I have always been a fan of a designer who can take a typical item, a sofa for instance, and give it enough unique style that you are captivated by its lines. The Dellarobbia collection is full of great designs with a variety of fabrics that are eye catching to say the least. The Skate sofa, chair, and ottoman group offers a cool minimal contemporary look that is anything but ordinary. It manages to make a statement without being trendy, more classic than so many ultra modern designs. Also shown is the Sodeo sectional with a very low sleek feel and a linear platform frame that transitions into a combination end table. I also like the metal loop style supports that add a definite touch of class. Dellarobbia has been committed to top quality production that is modeled after European craftsmanship made here in America. Details such and white goose down cushions, unequaled frame strength, surging of all seams, unsurpassed tailoring and hidden zippers make their handcrafted quality evident as the years go by.

super modern chairs dellarobia
super modern sofa sectional dellarobia