Upon Reflection: 10 Cool Wall Mirrors

mirrored planter
Modern Mirrored Planter from H2O Architects

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Once upon a time, mirrors only existed atop bathroom sinks; they were called “vanities” for a reason.  In the increasingly self-aware world in which we live, though, those addictive reflective surfaces have made their way out into nearly every other room of the house, and they’re not sticking to their traditional square and oval frames, either.  From the artfully decimated fragments of the “Sugar” model from artist Robba and the live plants emerging from H2O Architects’ futuristic creation to the mirrored vinyl stickers offered by Tonka Design, these are by no means your grandma’s makeup mirror.  These functional pieces elevate themselves into veritable wall art through design alone.  The next time you’re caught staring into one, you can pass off any moment of narcissism as a mere appreciation of the art you’ve been… er… “studying.”  Without further ado, behold today’s curation of ten cool wall mirrors, you attractive thing you.

10 Cool Wall Mirrors


abstract round mirror


animal mirror


fractal mirror


fun shaped mirrors


pink frameless mirror


puzzle mirror


unusual wall mirror


cool wall mirror


wall mirror stickers


Pink half-framed mirror found at Decor Planet.