Wajima Collection Desk Lights from Bouroullec Brothers

The Bouroullec Brothers, Ronan and Erwan have made enough of an impression on the design world to be the first overseas designers to work with Japan Brand which
practices Japanese craft and aesthetics. Their collaboration called the “Wajima Collection” which is actually the art of traditional Japanese lacquer ware technique included these two desk lamps. Each of the items are marked with a geometric shape using the Chinkin method in a gold color inscribed into the surface. The “desk light” features a tray that also helps reflect the light and it provides a place to put small objects. Its counterpart the “desk lightt” has a back drop that really shows off the lacquer while omitting subtle ambient light to the immediate surroundings.

desk lamps and office lighting

desk lightt ronan and erwan bouroullec
desk lamps tetsuya ito and bouroullec brothers
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