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12 Inspirational Walk In Shower Designs Fit for any Bathroom

Walk In Shower Designs

Walk in shower designs can be spacious, luxurious and incredibly relaxing. Plenty of style options and materials to play with, you can create a living space with lots of personalized options and unique ideas.

Get inspired by our list of modern flavors and contemporary vibes. Whether you’re renovating or figuring out a way to spruce up your own home, let’s have a closer look at some walk in shower designs that will knock you off your feet!


large walk in shower


This ultra unique design fits both your tub and your stand-up options right inside – that’s how spacious it is! It’s practically entirely separate room to bathe in, and we love it. You can never have too much room when it comes to morning routines and we’re also a fan of the textures and bold, dark tones used to create this scene. This is a stunning design with modern glass shower doors and panels.


modern shower with wood wall

A much smaller design than its predecessor, this lavatory is also much more chic and contemporary. There’s a bout of interest in the mixed material choice but there’s also a simplicity and sleekness that creates a no-mess, no-fuss overall appeal. Just don’t be afraid to add a pop of color for a more personalized feel.


modern walk in shower


Here’s a picture example with an open-air accent. The head comes out of the partition wall and you’ve got a quick bathe and go vibe in an incredibly contemporary and chic bathroom design.

This idea is youthful and has a certain “bachelor” essence surrounding it. The windows give off gorgeous natural lighting but make sure if you go with a theme as such you add blinds for privacy!

modern walk in showers


At first glance, we fell head-over-heels in love with this cabin. Of course the spacious feeling and the deep, charcoal tones are welcoming and attractive, but the shower head, falling from the ceiling, makes it such a cozy and luxurious design.

There’s a very beautiful, feminine look to this space but still ultra contemporary.

shower with black stone


Here’s a great example of some of the elements seen above coming together to make one gorgeous space. Contrasting tones, crisp white and charcoal, a spacious area but still a very neutral and modern vision.

The backdrop wall is filled with organic textures and there’s a very quick, youthful glow about it’s openness.


shower with glass wall

Check out this sweet and simple alcove. Crisp whites with a glass wall, this cabin is clean with a slight contemporary edge in it’s accents and shaping. We love the height to the large head and it’s “rain” effect, making for an even more relaxing experience.

Having the water come down on you gently is a different experience than a powerful jet of water.


shower with marble walls


If you’re into darker and more masculine designs, you may want to look into deeper marble or stone design. This small design is filled with modern lines but infused with a sleek, bold tone. Be careful when using materials or colors with rich or dark colors as they can make a small room look smaller.


shower with wood slat floor

Create your very own spa with a plan that has the space, the feel and even the right type of style. Spoil yourself by transforming a traditional floor plan with one that has a very zen and very natural essence. The trickling, rain-inspired bathing head and the hallway deemed space makes for a welcoming, warm and inviting space – every guest will be jealous!


super contemporary shower


Super modern and futuristic in feel this glowing example may not be as warm and cozy as some of the ideas above but it sure is inspiring! Black and white color combinations start its foundation and the blue lights create a romantic and relaxing vibe for nixing the morning grouchiness.


super modern shower


One of the more traditional styles of the bunch. This smaller example is easily replicated in a family home. Glass doors, neutral, subdued tones all come together to create a modern feel, this narrow cabin is on trend but also ready to be used in your own space.

walk in shower with slate walls


One of the most unique designs, this model has a rustic and Victorian style mix that makes a very personalized look. We love how the floor plan has windows to look out at the morning skies and pretty views with what we assume is a second or third floor view, making it an even more relaxing experience while inside.

It’s also great that there are no doors as many people prefer to not have doors while having adequate drainage for water.

walk in shower with wood slats


Here’s a unique wall when it comes to walk in showers. We love the zen atmosphere and the textural, accented focus. It’s homey with traditional touches but modern and luxurious in its very own right. Also, the bench makes for an even more versatile and functional design.

The color of the wood reminds us of a medicinal place such as a spa where the focus is rekindling the spirit for what lies ahead.

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