The Wave Coffee Table : The Artful Side of Furniture

We have always said that a great center table can really make a living room sitting arrangement a lot more inviting, and this one will surely invoke many a conversation. At first glance it seems almost impossible to image someone taking the time to meticulously carve out the exact details of the city scene within the curl of the “Wave”. I seem to remember a recent action packed movie that has apparently inspired designer Stelios Mousarris who after receiving his bachelor degree in model making ventured out on his own and created a company that bears his name. Many of his previous works were interior design projects and some concept seating for commercial areas. It is apparent that he has a unique eye for styles that offer much more than just the standard functionality.

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The Wave City Coffee Table is a combination of wood and steel and some of today’s modern 3D technology that made the detailing possible. It is most creative and hard to take your eyes off of, and it looks great from every angle. I can visualize an artist lending real color to the scene here which would really take it over the top. I wonder if you can turn it over putting the larger curling part on the floor to mix things up a little now and then. This limited edition piece is available for a modest €6500 from the Mousarris website. 100 cm x 50 cm x 45cm

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The Wave Coffee Table : The Artful Side of Furniture
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