The Wave Staircase, A Spectacular Modern Design

wave inspired staircase with glass

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Wooden staircases are not exactly graceful or sleek, but the Wave staircase makes you change your idea about wooden stairs. Christian Siller, the designer and innovator behind Siller Stairs used bent shaped wooden treads to create a staircase that’s also a sculptural element and the main attraction of the place it’s placed in. The bottom side of the treads is shaped like waves and the bent hardwood used for railing and support is very suitable to create a breathtaking look.

the siller wave staircase

The Wave staircase is another imaginative staircase that mixes sustainability and design in an excellent combination. A unique design with a contemporary tone, this piece combines prestigious wood finishing with natural and artificial lighting to create a remarkable statement and become the centerpiece of the room. The uniquely shaped design is not only amazing but offers functionality. The open wooden slats and upper single sheet of transparent glass railing allow natural light from the large windows to pass through.

amazing staircase design ideas
The sculptural design becomes even more striking with the insertion of ambiental lights inside the waved steps.
Wood, glass and lighting combination managed to go hand in hand and form a pleasant design which perfectly complements the surroundings.

contemporary stair designs

Back in 1995, Christian Siller built his first glass staircase with a structural glass railing. At that time no one ever thought that the architectural glass in the stair industry would become so popular. Since then lots has changed. Siller stairs is a company specializing on custom stair designs using materials like glass, wood, steel and concrete. Siller is a company created on people’s needs and lack of suppliers for custom stairs. Their stairs are built based on the requirements and demands of each individual and depending on what impact the stair shall have on its surroundings they will build modern to classic stairs from a wide variety of materials.

wave inspired staircase with glass