Well, That’s Interesting: 10 Bizarre, Awesome Chairs

It’s nice to shake things up every once in a while.  Although the bizarre but awesome chairs in today’s roundup might not be the sorts of things we’d take home and place in the center of our living room, they’re still a lot of fun to look at.  These designers’ creativity knows no bounds, and in the end, creativity (not to mention necessity) is the foundation of design.  If it weren’t for the kinds of minds that come up with out-of-this-world objects like these, we wouldn’t have the slightly more down-to-earth versions of them, either… and we don’t know about you, but we think things like beds, couches, tables and shelves make life a lot easier than it would be without them.  So, here’s to man’s inventive spirit, as odd as it might sometimes be.  Enjoy.

awesome chairs

Hand & Foot Chair by Pedro Friedeberg


awesome chair

CD Chair by Belen Hermosa


unique chair

Modern Chair by Erik Griffioen


unique chairs

Mold Chair by Anders Johnsson and Petter Thörne


one of a kind chairs

Shotgun Shell Chairs by Alexander Rel


unique furniture

Street Sign Chairs by Boris Bally


quirky chairs

The Shopping Cart Chair by Fernando Paullada


unusual chairs

The Uncut Chair by Ron Arad


modern chair

The Quilt Chair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec


interesting chairs

Tree Trunk Chair by Draw Me a Sheep


Hand & foot chair found at Pedro Friedeberg.