What to Look For in Ergonomic Recliners

If you are shopping for ergonomic recliners there are a few features that separate them from other furniture models. The most important aspect is that the backrest and footrest operate independently of one another. Each person’s body is built differently and thus there is not a “one size fits all” approach that works in recliner chairs. Some models may use a separate footrest like the Ekornes Stressless. Other models may be engineered so that the footrest and backrest can move independently of one another. The other important feature is how much the backrest and footrest can be moved. Investigate the number of settings of where the footrest and backrest can be moved. There should be enough balance as they are moved so that body weight can still be supported. Be wary of models where there is movement, but at certain pivot points in the movement there is not enough strength to support the weight of the human body. The model pictured in the post is the Rolf Benz 572.

What to Look For in Ergonomic Recliners
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