What’s Old Is New: 10 Reclaimed Wood End Tables

Few things in a home are as cool as the ones that have a story to tell.  Case in point: when a visitor notices an end table and asks where in the world you found it, which sounds more interesting: “Oh, that actually used to be part of the ceiling of an old fire station downtown before it was demolished for the such-and-such skyscraper to go up in its spot” or “Um, Target”?  With all due respect to the latter, the former sparks a conversation, lends a sense of history, and in some small way breathes new life into something that otherwise might have been cast off into oblivion.  Today’s image curation of reclaimed wood end tables highlights ten furnishings whose materials have been given new leases on life; now in their third incarnation — the first being a tree and the second being whatever they were initially crafted to be.  As reclaimed materials become more and more accepted and even expected, the chances of these pieces ever going out of style diminish by the day, probably about the same rate at which their value grows.

reclaimed douglas fir table

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Table from Furnishly


reclaimed wood furniture

Dagny End Table from Dovetail Furniture


reclaimed wood end tables

Koper Reclaimed Wood End Table by Viesso


recycled wood table

Lake Tahoe End Table from Blake Avenue


reclaimed wood accent table

Mango Top Industrial End Table from Rotsen Furniture


reclaimed wood side table

Padma’s Plantation Reclaimed Wood Table from Boyle’s


reclaimed wood end tables

Poplar Estate End Table from Stein World


reclaimed wood and steel table

Reclaimed Wood and Farm Steel from The Steel Fork


reclaimed wooden shop cart

Reclaimed Wood Merchandise Cart from Kathy Kuo Home


reclaimed wood table

Reclaimed Wood Table from We Are MFEO


Multi-tier table found at Stein World.