10 Classic Pieces of Amish Furniture

10 Classic Pieces of Amish Furniture

Many of us are familiar with Mission and Shaker tables, chairs, beds and desks, but it’s a lesser-known fact that both styles are subsets of a broader genre: handcrafted Amish furniture.

Since the use of electricity is prohibited in accordance with the culture’s spiritual beliefs, pneumatic and hydraulic power is used in the making of many of its pieces.

And since internet technology clearly requires electricity to work, no Amish craftsmen are able to sell their wares online; rather, they work through local relationships with community partners who practice other faiths.

It’s this sort of simple inventiveness that shows through in the design and execution of Amish pieces, all of which are made of quality solid hardwoods with metal fittings and, in some cases, animal skins.

What’s simple is true, and in a search for earthy, honestly-made elements for the home, these austere, quality-crafted pieces from America’s heartland are certainly something to consider.


What's Simple Is True: 10 Classic Pieces of Amish Furniture


Amish shaker desk


Amish dining chairs



Amish leather armchair



Amish oak tables


Amish lift top coffee table



Mission style coat tree



Amish farm table



Handcrafted Amish furniture


Amish Adirondack chairs


Amish bed found at Dekayu in San Francisco.