Leather vs. Fabric Upholstered Furniture

Leather vs. Fabric Upholstered Furniture 9

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When setting out to purchase new furniture for the family or media room, there are several things to consider. First of all, how much wear and tear will the item get? What types of spills may I be facing? What is my expectation for how long I want to keep the furniture? In my personal experience medium grade leather is more cleanable and durable than fabric due to its protected surface and the non absorbent character. In addition to clean ability, dust and dirt stays on top of leather and can be kept to a minimum, very important for those suffering from allergies and people with pets. In addition, fabrics tend to hold smells from smoke if you enjoy cigarettes or cigars. In the off chance you get a tear, leather can be fixed usually to the original look with professional help of course. One myth I hear about leather all the time is how hot it gets. Leather does not create heat, it will simply warm to you body temperature and that’s all. As for the cost, the average leather sofa runs approximately $1000 to $1200 slightly more than comparable fabric, but worth it in the long run.

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